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I can’t find the product I am interested in, could it be out of production?

In order to always grant freshly made products we tend to produce small batches of items; for this reason the availability of products is variable. We kindly ask you to get in touch with our Customer Service at: to check products availability.

How do I preserve your chocolates?

The ideal way to preserve our chocolates is to keep them at a consistent temperature between 12-18°C, with a maximum humidity of 65%. Chocolate does not like sudden changes in temperature: cold temperature makes the inside harder and the outside translucid, on the contrary, high temperature makes the cocoa butter melt and when the chocolate gets colder the cocoa butter crystallizes and a white glaze appears on the outside of the chocolate. Other chocolate alterations can be caused by light exposure or when kept close to some bad smelling products (chocolate easily absorbs odors).
Chocolate, in general, must be preserved in its original packaging, in a cool, dry place.


Is online shopping safe?

Thanks to our ongoing research and development commitment in the IT security, we can guarantee that the shopping procedure is perfectly safe and you can order your chocolates with confidence.

How can I place an order in your website?

· First you have to login, then you choose your items and put them in the shopping cart.

· Check out your shopping cart and make sure it contains all the articles you want to purchase, in the right quantities. If you want to ship the parcel to a different address than the one you stated when you registered, remember to select the option and write the final shipping address. Once the order is completed you will not be able to modify it. To complete the order choose the desired payment method and click on Proceed to check-out.

· If you want you can add a personalized text, a quotation, or the name of the receiver of the gift! In this case, you need to select the option in the product page, before completing the order.
· Access the order summary in the check-out page and write the payment data.

· After you authorize the order you will shortly receive an email order confirmation. You can also find all the details of your order in the My account section on the website.

What are the accepted payment methods?

Accepted payment methods to shop online on our website are: Credit Cards (Visa and Mastercard), PayPal.

Are my payments secure?

All payments done on our online shopping website are secure since they are made through the Shopify Payment Service, optimized to minimize the use of 3D Secure and use it only when the issuing bank requests to authorize the transaction. All information are elaborated by the system through the highest protection levels currently available. Your bank details are not stored on our website.

Can I modify my order after it has been confirmed?

We try to make it possible to modify orders during the ordering procedure. Nevertheless, being an authomatic service, it is not possible to modify an order after it is confirmed.

We kindly ask you to get in touch with our Customer Service at: in case of need. In any case we recommend you check carefully your order before confirm it.

Can I add a personalized text?

Yes, it is possible to add on the packaging besides the NAME of the person receiving the Gift, also a TEXT or a QUOTATION without any extra cost. This option can be chosen on the product page upon its selection, in the Personalization section. You will be able to personalize your Gift by including the NAME of the person that will receive it and you could also choose one of the 3 QUOTATIONS proposed for that packaging, or you will be able to add YOUR TEXT with a maximum of 20 words. Our graphic designers will then implement the NAME and the TEXT into the artwork and will then send you an e-mail for your final confirmation. So your Gift will become EXCLUSIVE!


Can my multiple order be shipped to different consignees?

In order to guarantee the tracking of every single order we prefer to ship indivually. If you want to make Gifts to different persons we recommend you process separate orders for every single shipping address. For further information and/or request we kindly ask you to get in touch with our Customer Service at:

What happens if my Gift arrives damaged?

All our parcels are packed thus granting the maximum protection during shipping and they are sealed with logoed adhesive tape. In case you or our Gift receiver should get an opened or forced parcel and/or a damaged product, we kindly ask you to send an email at:  with the pictures of the damage packaging attached. Without the pictures of the damage we will not be able to open a refund or replacement case. For further information please consult our Refund Policy section.


Why I cannot log in?

Are you sure you have an Account? If you don’t have one, registration is very easy. Click on the 'Login' button in the top right part of the Home page, choose 'Create Account' and follow the instructions. Once registered, to login it will be necessary to write your email address and the password you chose upon registration.

Why the website does not allow me to register?

For sure you have already an account on and you don’t need to register again. In case you forgot your password you can get it back by clicking on 'Forgot your password'.

How can I recover my password?

Click on Forgot your password? you find in the Login page. You will be requested to write you email address, the same you gave upon registration. You will then receive a new password on your email. In case you don’t receive it check out in the spam. Should the problem persists kindly send an email at: and we will assist you.

What are my personal information used for?

Your personal information are stored in our database in order to speed up procedures in case of new orders. In every moment, by entering 'My Account' section, you will be able to modify your profile information, or by sending an email to our Customer Service, you will be able to delete them. To get information about how we manage your personal information please consult our Privacy Policy.

Browsing the website I ran into en error, what can I do?

Kindly inform us immediately by sending an email to our Customer Service at: We will try to solve the problem as soon as possible thus enabling you to proceed and process your order.

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