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Introducing Sublime.

Our origins stretch back over 25 years with Taz di Bleu and reach all corners of the world. We started by supplying luxury hotels and resorts with gourmet gift boxes. A family business, each gift was imbued with a private passion – to create beauty through the finest craftsmanship.

Such was our success, hotel guests would regularly ask where they could buy our gifts. So, in 2020, we turned inquiries into inspiration and created Sublime, an exquisite collection of chocolate gifts available online to those seeking to give the most thoughtful of gifts.

Each Sublime gift is a marriage of beauty and craft strengthened with an additional attribute – personalisation. A unique feature that complements our exceptional design, your incredible desire and the delight of the lucky person who receives a Sublime gift.


No two Sublime gifts are the same

Just as a glassblower’s every turn characterises each crystal ornament, so the craftsmen and women of Sublime shape your chocolate gift. Each is made to order, one by one, by hand applying design principles but never an automated process.

Our in-house designers conceive our collection. Nothing is taken off the shelf but borne of inspiration and a desire to truly delight. For example, we use a precious paper called Lokta, which is made sustainably in Nepal using traditional techniques.

The result is that no two Sublime gifts are the same. But folded and fixed, crafted and constructed by the hand of an expert who cares about the impression their creation leaves.


A belief that craft enhances the taste experience

The quality of our chocolate is second to none. We only work with the finest chocolatiers and confectioners. Each is an artisan crafting Sublime chocolate using recipes passed through their families generation after generation.

Our suppliers are small businesses with big ideas who reside in our local Piedmont region and the rest of Italy. They share our belief that craft enhances quality, and the taste experience. As such, each individual ingredient is considered, tested and tasted before its inclusion is confirmed.


A rare experience in luxury chocolate gifting

Craft and quality combine to make Sublime chocolate gifts. But the most memorable of gifts deliver more, an extra-special charm in the form of personalisation.

From the moment you discover the Sublime website, to the unwrapping of your Sublime gift, there is a level of personalisation rarely experienced in luxury chocolate gifting. 

First you choose the variety of chocolate to best suit the tastes of your special person. Then you personalise packaging with their name and a private message. The result is gifting like never before.

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